Blizzard Preparedness

We in the northeast of America are bracing ourselves as a big blizzard is about to  hit us.  The snow has already started and we are expected to get two to three feet of snow in the next two days.  The wind gusts are going to be up to 55 mph especially on Long Island where I live.

My major worry is power failure.  We have so many trees on Long Island and all the power lines are above ground.  With heavy snow and strong winds, we are going to have trees and branches falling on power lines.  We went through this with Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when we were left without power for 11 days.  Our block does not have any gas lines, so we rely on electric power for everything.  So if we lose power, that means no heat, no hot water, no cooking and worst of all no internet or cell phone.   (For those of you who are wondering why we lose cell phone use, our provider’s cell tower seems to be close enough to us that when we lose power, they lose power as well!)


The family is ready with food, gas for the snow blower and batteries. but I have gotten together things that I need.  I have my knitting, my books, my fully charged iPad (which will not really be of any use if I lose wifi) and my lantern.

I hope to finish knitting three pairs of warm socks for the veterans, a baby blanket for charity and get a few things upgraded in my Clash of Clans game.

I can get through this!

Keep on knitting!




About rmusso

I am from India and I came with my parents to New York in 1969 after spending two years in England. I’m married to a wonderful man named Anthony and we have a son named Nathan. I am a Christian and worship a mighty God! I love to knit and do it every day with a little bit of crocheting throw in. I just knit for fun but recently have started knitting for charity. I am trying to use the talent God gave me to help others.
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2 Responses to Blizzard Preparedness

  1. Not So MT says:

    You guys will be just fine. That’s a great plan to get through it all. I am not quite as prepared, though I am praying that play-doh and legos can get us through 😉

  2. wyranchwife says:

    Will be praying that it moves quickly and does nor drop as much as expected. Blizzards are no fun.

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