Sean’s Gift


My Mom was cleaning up her condo and gave me this blanket that she and my aunts (her sisters-in-law) had made from scraps.  It is made up 11 X 15 granny squares.  It is a generous  54 X 72 inches.   It is colorful, big and beautiful until I turned it over.


There were tails every where.  For some reason, my Mom and my aunts decided that leaving the tails on the back of the blanket was fine.

I decided to calculate how many tails I have to weave in.  There are a 165 squares and at least 2 tails per square which leaves me with a minimum of 330 tails to take care of!

I decided to donate the blanket and my friend, Lynne, said it would be the perfect blanket for Sean’s Gift.  Sean LaPersonerie was a 24 year old veteran home from Iraq when he was hit by a car crossing a local street in his Long Island, NY hometown on New Year’s Eve 2011. Four days later he died of his injuries. Sean was an organ donor and his mother found comfort in a hand made blanket that was placed on Sean while they were waiting for the organ retrieval to take place. Sean’s mom founded SEAN’S GIFT, a non-profit, dedicated to providing the same comfort she was given.

I now feel silly complaining about how many tails I have to weave in as I think about the family who will receive this blanket as they morn the loss of a loved one.  My Mom, my aunts and I are are grateful that we can be a small part in comforting a family.

Keep on knitting!


About rmusso

I am from India and I came with my parents to New York in 1969 after spending two years in England. I’m married to a wonderful man named Anthony and we have a son named Nathan. I am a Christian and worship a mighty God! I love to knit and do it every day with a little bit of crocheting throw in. I just knit for fun but recently have started knitting for charity. I am trying to use the talent God gave me to help others.
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4 Responses to Sean’s Gift

  1. That is such a wonderful thing to do. Now at least when you sew in all those tails, you will have a sense of purpose.

  2. Hi Ruth! This is Michele, from the Heartwarmers. I really like the blanket! I made one with knit garter blocks for my eldest daughter to take away to college several years ago and was wondering what to make for my younger daughter who will also be leaving for college soon (can’t make a blanket for one without also making a blanket for the other!). But I did not want to do the same thing again. I started one in crocheted squares but it looked too discordant with multi colors in the individual blocks – but I like the solid color blocks with the black edging!
    Maybe I will practice by making a baby blanket like this for “Tippa’s Gift” for our May baby items…

  3. rmusso says:

    Hey Michele – thanks for your comment. My Mom and my aunts always used black as an edging for all their scrap blankets. I think it tries all the colors together. Your daughter would love it and yes, you have to make one for the younger if you made one for the older.

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