UFO Definition from about.com:

UFO is an acronym for unfinished object. It’s more often seen as UFOs, because very few knitters have just one UFO sitting around!

UFOs are projects that have been abandoned in their unfinished state. They could be very close to done or barely started. The hope is usually that one day all those UFOs will get completed, perhaps by some helpful elf who comes to our homes and knits in the night.

OK, I have finally added up my UFOs in ravelry and I have 19!  Yikes.  I probably have a few more that have not been put up on ravelry.  What makes me leave things undone and move on to new projects?  I feel guilty every time I look at my UFOs but I just can’t bring myself to go back to these projects.  I remember starting each project and feeling the excitement of it all.  Where did that feeling go?  What makes me crave something new?

I don’t think I can ever figure out these things about me.  Each time I try and evaluate my self, I promise that I would not start anything new until I finish two UFOs.  That promise went out the window real fast.

It all started when my husband wanted to know when I would start knitting  with the Ranco Multy by Araucania which he bought me for Christmas. He really wanted me to use it and I had so many projects going on that I kept putting him off.  He finally wore me down and I started Cookie A.’s Zanzibar socks.  Its a beautiful yarn and a wonderful sock but my heart was not in it.  It just was not its time.

From there, things got worse.  My husband wanted to drive me to Smiley’s Yarns in Woodhaven, NY.  I really did not want any new yarns (yes, I know that it is hard to believe) but he really wanted to, so I went.  I ended up buying 16 skeins Filatura Lanarota Rich Wool and 6 skeins of Patons Canadiana.  Even though my husband did not say anything, I felt the invisible pressure to start a project with the new yarns.  So I started the Aran Pocket Shawl by Cheryl Oberle with the Filatura Lanarota Rich Wool and  Prairie Blanket by Oats Couture with the Patons Canadiana.

Guess what?  I finally feel in love with knitting the Prairie Blanket.  I am almost done with it!  I really have not answered any of my questions about myself but I am glad I finally found a project that excites me.

Keep on Knitting!


About rmusso

I am from India and I came with my parents to New York in 1969 after spending two years in England. I’m married to a wonderful man named Anthony and we have a son named Nathan. I am a Christian and worship a mighty God! I love to knit and do it every day with a little bit of crocheting throw in. I just knit for fun but recently have started knitting for charity. I am trying to use the talent God gave me to help others.
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