Radiant Star

I started knitting the Radiant Star doily from the book, Traditional Lace Knitting, by Furze Hewitt.  I could not get past round 35.  No matter how many times I checked the number of stitches on my needle, I could not get it to work.  It drove me crazy.  I ripped it out and made it an UGH on ravelry.  I regret that I did not take a picture of the UGH.

A couple of months later, I found corrections for the book,Traditional Lace Knitting, on The Needle Arts Book Shop website.  And low and behold, there is an error on round 35 of the pattern.  The book has a knit 1 as the last thing to be done in round 35 and it should be a make 1.  Big difference!

I could not let this doily beat me.  I started it again and finally got past round 35.  It has been four years since the first time I tried it.  I will not let a doily beat me no matter how pretty it is or how much time as gone by.

My progress so far:


About rmusso

I am from India and I came with my parents to New York in 1969 after spending two years in England. I’m married to a wonderful man named Anthony and we have a son named Nathan. I am a Christian and worship a mighty God! I love to knit and do it every day with a little bit of crocheting throw in. I just knit for fun but recently have started knitting for charity. I am trying to use the talent God gave me to help others.
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